Nature At
Its Best

With organic gems options including Ruby, Emerald, Tanzanite, and Sapphire, you're sure to find your unique style. Artisans choose our organic center stones to guarantee superior quality. The brilliant stones are carefully hand selected with only the finest quality, cut, and color in mind. All efforts are to ensure a beautiful masterpiece is created just for you.

Feel the
cavell difference

Our unique pieces are bound to inspire you. Think of them as a token you can carry with you always, a reminder to all you wish to achieve in life, all expertly combined into an elegant ring.

Incorporated into each ring, symbolizing the strongest matters of the heart, is the semi-precious stone Rose Quartz. Embedded into the band the rose quartz touches directly to the skin imparting its healing powers. Its gentle energy is known for unleashing your true powers for success in relationships and life goals while its subtle color encourages a calming effect on the body and mind.

Our Story

Born in England, Nicola Walsh, the founder of Cavell, was the third of five children, raised by a hard-working blue-collar family. Nicola grew up with the dream to one day establish her very own collection of jewelry. As a child, she would create various designs waiting for the day her sketches would come to life. And due to Nicola’s utmost positivity and strong will, her dream became a reality. Founded on the idea of positivity, strength, and valiance, Cavell inspires women to find balance and inner self to reach their fullest potential. Each piece is designed with you in mind.


“Believe in yourself,
and the sky
is the limit.” Nicola Jane Walsh

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1 Year

At Cavell, we stand by our
brand by providing this
12-month warranty.

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Yes, the ring is very durable and can be worn in the shower or even into the pool.
You don't have to wash it frequently. However, Cavell jewelry is safe to wash with water and soap.

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