Jewlery Care

Cleaning your Jewelry requires gentle care to preserve its beauty and prevent damage.

  • Prepare a Cleaning Solution:
    • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water
    • Add a few drops of mild detergent and mix it gently. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasives.
    • Make sure the solution is not too hot or too cold, as extreme temperatures can harm some gemstones.

  • Soak the Ring: Submerge the ring in the cleaning solution for a few minutes to loosen dirt and grime.

  • Gently Brush and Clean: Use a soD brush (like a toothbrush with soD bristles) to gently scrub the ring, paying special attention to any areas with visible dirt or oil. Be cautious around any settings or metal parts to avoid damaging them.

  • Rinse Thoroughly: ADer cleaning, rinse the ring under running lukewarm water to remove any soap residue. Be sure to hold the gem over a bowl or a sink with a plug, just in case you accidentally drop it.

  • Pat Dry: Use a soD, lint-free cloth to pat the ring dry. Avoid rubbing it vigorously, as this can cause scratches.

  • Inspect the Ring: ADer cleaning, closely inspect the ring to ensure it is clean and free of residue. If necessary, repeat the cleaning process.

  • Storage: Store your clean ring in a safe place, away from other jewelry to prevent scratching. You can use the soD pouch you received with your purchase to protect it from dust and damage.

Important Tips:

  • Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as they can scratch or damage some ring.
  • Do not use ultrasonic cleaners unless you are certain it's safe for your specific gemstone.
  • If you're uncertain about cleaning a particular gemstone, seek advice from a professional jeweler or gemologist.
  • Regular cleaning and proper care will help your gemstones maintain their luster and beauty over time.